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   hoseobyoon (2007-05-04 14:47:15 )
   환경관련 문헌

최근에 새로 추가되고있는 책과 자료들입니다.
정치, 사회, 문화 환경까지 포함해서 올리고 있습니다.

1.  退溪選集
2.  하이쿠와 우키요에, 에도시절
3.  스콧트 니어링 자서전, The Making of a Radical
4.  체 게바라 평전, Che Guevara by  jean Comier
5.  성서속의 생태학, Am Anfang war die Okologie
6.  생태학 담론
7.  똥살리기 땅살리기, The Humanure Handbook (2nd Edition)
8.  다산을 찾아서, 고승제 지음, 중앙M&B, 1997
9.  茶山의 사상과 그 현대적 의미, 김형효,심경호,장승구,최진덕,배병삼,
     한국정신문화연구원, 1998
10. 栗谷의 生涯와 思想
11. 栗谷의 敎育思想
12. 인간과 디자인
13. 인간을 위한 디자인
14. 돌고래에게 배운다, Listening to Wild Dolphins
15. 나를 운디드에 묻어다오, An Indian History of American West
16. 2006 환경백서, 환경부, 발간등록번호 11-1480000-10
17. 多夕 柳永模 명상록, 박영호 옮기고 풀이, 두레, 2000
18. 茶山詩文選/牧民心書, 金智勇, 南晩星 역, 大洋書籍, 1973
19. 마지막 거인, 글 그림 프랑수아 플라스, 옮김 윤정임, 디자인하우스, 2004
1.  an inconvenient truth the crisis of global warming / DVD Video
2.  Atmospheres
3.  Art and Visual Perception: A Psychology of the Creative Eye
1.  Basho and the River Stones
2.  Basho and the Fox
1.  Case Studies in Materials Selection
2.  Case Studies in Materials Selection
3.  Child Art Therapy
1.  Design and Environment: A Global Guide to Designing Greener Goods
2.  Design for Sustainability: A Sourcebook of Integrated, Eco-logical
3.  Design for the Real World: Human Ecology and Social Change
1.  Emotionally Durable Design: Objects, Experiences and Empathy
2.  Experimental Eco-Design: Product, Architecture, Fashion
3.  Eye and Brain
1.  Faith in Nature: Environmentalism As Religious Quest
2.  Five Acres and Independence
1.  Green Design (Buzz Poole)
2.  Green Remodeling : Changing the World One Room at a Time
3.  Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to
     Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantage
1.  Material ConneXion: The Global Resource of New and
     Innovative Materials for Architects, Artists and Designers
2.  Materials and Design: The Art and Science of Material Selection in  
    Product Design"
3.  Materials for Design
4.  Materials for Inspirational Design
5.  Material World: Innovative Structures and Finishes for Interiors     
6.  Material World 2: Innovative Materials for Architecture and Design
7.  Measuring Sustainability: Learning by Doing
8.  Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes
    The Predictable Distortion of Global Warming
     by Scientists, politicians, and the Media
     Patric J. Michaels, CATO Institute Washington, D.C
1.  Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution
1.  Planning for Sustainability: Creating Livable, Equitable and  Ecological
2.  Proceed and Be Bold: Rural Studio After Samuel Mockbee,
    Andrea Oppenheimer Dean and Timothy Hursley,
    Princeton Architectural Press, 2005
1.  Sustainable by Design: Explorations in Theory and Practice
2.  Scott Nearing: The Making of a Homesteader (The Good Life Series)
3.  Sustainable Commercial Interiors
4.  Sustainable Residential Interiors
1.  The Complete Idiot's Guide to Solar Power for Your Home
2.  The Principles of Sustainability
3.  The Making of a Radical: A Political Autobiography (Good Life Series)
4.  Transmaterial: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine
     our Physical Environment
5.  The Sustainability Revolution: Portrait of a Paradigm Shift
6.  The Substance of Style: How the Rise of Aesthetic Value Is
     Remaking Commerce, Culture, and Consciousness
7.  The Growing Conflict Over Creativity, Enterprise, and Progress
8.  The Good Life
9.  The Rise of the Creative Class: And How It's Transforming
     Work, Leisure, Community and Everyday Life
10. The Philosophy of Sustainable Design
11. Transmaterial: A Catalog of Materials That Redefine our Physical
12. The Triple Bottom Line, Does It All Add Up?: Assessing the
     Sustainability of Business and CSR [Paperback]
13. The Call of The Wild
14. The Web of Life:
     A New Scientific Understanding of Living System, Fritjof capra,
     Anchor Books, 1997
15 The Turning Point: Sience, Society, and Rising Culture,
    Fritjof capra, Bantam Books, 1988

1.  Understanding Children's Drawings
2.  Under a Green Sky: Global Warming, the Mass Extinctions of
     the Past, and What They Can Tell Us About Our Future
1.   Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See
2. Visual Perception: Physiology, Psychology and Ecology
1.  Wind Power, Revised Edition: Renewable Energy for Home, Farm,
    and Business
2.  World changing: A User's Guide for the 21st Century

*  Basho and the Fox
*  Experimental Eco-Design: Product, Architecture, Fashion
*  Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes
*  The Philosophy of Sustainable Design
*  The Triple Bottom Line: How Today's Best-Run Companies Are
   Achieving Economic, Social and Environmental Success -- and How
   You Can Too,
*  Visual Perception: Physiology, Psychology and
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