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   hoseobyoon (2009-09-10 16:20:16 )
   A Very 'Cool' Way To 'Go Green'

A Very 'Cool' Way To 'Go Green' with WindAir Green Technology by EarthSure  

WOODBRIDGE, NJ, September 9, 2009 --/WORLD-WIRE/-- EarthSure, a renewable energy company and innovator in alternative energy sources, announces the latest patent-pending renewable energy invention. WindAir?, a system for transforming the exhausted air flow from central air conditioning units into a source of renewable, clean energy (electric) will be bursting into the HVAC scene world-wide just in time for the next heat-wave.

How it Works:
The WindAir™ system uses the warm air flow from the exhaust of a traditional air conditioning unit and drives it into a secondary fan turbine system. This secondary system has an electric-generating mechanism that transforms the wind flow into free, clean, renewable energy which is then inverted into the electric meter of the home or office building.

This renewable energy has the capability to reduce the increase in electric used by the air conditioning system by generating enough electricity to send it back to the meter, thereby turning the air conditioning unit into an actual "sub-power station". So every time you turn on the central air or cooling systems, your electric bill goes down instead of up! How?s that for a "cool" way to go green?

The unique WindAir™ converter system can be incorporated into any existing air conditioning condenser unit or manufactured as a complete new unit. This technology can be utilized within small homeowner units all the way up to the largest of commercial air conditioning applications.

The first and foremost benefit to the WindAir™ system is the ability to save significant amounts of money on one?s electric bill. Who doesn?t want to pay less? Secondly, the system turns an electric-guzzling machine that has been used for years and transforms it into a renewable energy source, aiding in a way to keep the environment clean, reducing our carbon footprint, and also lessening our reliance on foreign dependence on outside power sources.

The accomplishments of this novel secondary stage fan turbine will also offset the surge of electric that is straining our power plants and sub-stations during hot summer months. The unique methodology of this second stage fan turbine is actually turning an agent that normally uses a lot of electricity into a source that uses renewable energy.

The unique WindAir™ 'shroud' design will absorb the AC units? operational sound to minimize the units? noise pollution output, making for a much more peaceful environment. The 'shroud' design also captures more of the exhausted air conditioning unit's air and funnels it in a more concentrated fashion with less waste of air stream, which will equate to higher electrical output.

The unit is also designed to protect the inside components of outdoor AC units from being exposed to the elements of weather, making these components rust-free and longer lasting. This design is also pet-friendly and rodent resistant and in addition to eliminating the weather elements, it will keep out leaves and foreign debris.

About Earth-Sure:
EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp. is an American corporation innovating technologies to produce energy in a clean and affordable way. Utilizing solar and wind power as a source of renewable energy, EarthSure systems are alternatives to conventional energy producing methods that result in carbon emissions.

Ray Saluccio, an accomplished inventor and entrepreneur founded EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp. in order to market and develop the systems he designs and to bring solar energy production to the masses, easily and affordably.

EarthSure's goal is to offer a cost-effective way for all individuals and businesses to use Green Energy, regardless of size or industry. They are on the cutting edge of compliance with America's Green Initiatives as they relate to the energy and environmental provisions in the Stimulus Plan.

For more information about WindAir™ and the many other innovative developments in solar and wind power created by EarthSure, visit their website at

Ray Saluccio, Owner / CEO


 A Very 'Cool' Way To 'Go Green'

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