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   hoseobyoon (2018-09-24 19:19:54 )
   'everyday earthday' Oct 5, 2018

# 'everyday earthday'

# New millennium card

  This is the new year's greeting card I have drawn for
  new millennium.
  I made it with the wish to fill the new
  millennium with love.
  I made it look like a blooming flower by writing the year
  2000 birtically.
  I wanted to emphasize the love for future.
  I felt the urge to draw it on a huge wall.
  I imagined many people looking at it, and feeling lucid,
  happy spirit.

# Impression of Haiku

  These letter are Japanese Haiku Poem which express
  a true meaning of nature and seasons.
  My Korean students in Visual Communication Design School
  wrote by hand in their lettering design class.
  (during 2 years, 2001~2002)
  To not only practice writing letter, but also think about
  the mysteries of nature and have respect about that,
  I gave these to them as an assignment.
  Thought Haiku, I wanted them to know that environmental
  problems are not only special regional one, but also
  every human's one

# A poster drawn on a newspaper

  This is a drawing made for the poster design of my
  first solo exhibition 'everyday eARThday' in Seoul in 2000.
  I want to emphasize the unification that if the oil covers
  the sea, the fish will not be able to breathe, and if the marine
  ecosystem which covers two thirds of the earth is destroyed,
  The birds will lose their home and eventually our existence
  will endangered too.
  In order not to put the paper in the printer, I directly drew
  hundreds of images myself.

# A glass of water

  I found this image when I put the longbill stamp in a glass
  of water to peel it off the envelope.
  I felt the necessity to preserve the home where so many
  creatures reside by protecting the damp area which our
  nature has made since hundred of millions of years ago.
  If there was no damp area there was no longbill there
  would be no human being.
  Our children will be able to see the longbills only if we save
  and keep them from polluting even just a glass of water.

# Message from 'Friend of Earth/May 2, 2000

  16,000 jet planes emit over 600 million tons of carbon dioxin
  per year. This will be serious influence to the global
  warming and since it is estimated that the number of
  airplane passengers will double in two years, people are
  campaigning to restrain airplane flights.
  I stopped traveling abroad after 2000.


# Animal Rights!

  One day, I observed carefully that a famous character and
  a rare animal stamp(Red fox, extermination crisis of a race)
  were put on envelope as a same size, and same space.
  For me, it seemed like that all member of the ecosystem
  have to be respected and be loved together.
  Reversing the view of human center.
  I made the fox bigger than Queen of England and blue bird
  bigger than Mahatma Gandhi.

# Cows in tears

  This is an image I have made after receiving the grievous
  message that in India, people put pepper into the cow's
  eyes to keep then from falling asleep, and as a result,
  work more.

# Elephant in tears

  This also is a photograph of an elephant weeping because
  of the pepper rubbed into their eyes in older to keep them
  awake and working. Like the cow in tears, the message is
  based on the selfishness and cruelty of human beings.
  I tried to express the violence of the human being out of

# 'I never realized that you were me'

   I made a man's face with animals pictograms
   which were already created by many artist.
   I wanted to stress that we the people exist as we do not
   only own strength but within the mysterious needs of
   ecosystem with all the other creatures.

#  Drawing the earth on the T-shirts

   The cover design of my 2nd.solo exhibition
  'everyday earthday' in 2003, Tokyo

# Sacrifice

  This is an image I made in Autumn when I was collecting
  handsome fallen leaves, inspired by the idea that could
  make environmental messages through fallen leaves,
  and got to take notice of the worm eaten fallen leaves instead.
  The sight of the wretched leaves, fallen to the ground after
  doing their duty as a green leaf, looked much more beautiful
  as the remnants of devotion and sacrifice.
  It seems like the voice announcing the birth of a new life
  echoed in the virtual space of the damaged leaves.

# The cover design of my 2nd.solo exhibition
  'everyday earthday' in 2000, Seoul

# I had more than 70 T-shirts at home

  I thought I had too many.
  I took them all to studio at photo studio in downtown
  and took picture of myself with only a piece of shirts on.
  I wanted to leave an image of being ashamed of myself.
  This one has been selected through 183 pictures.

# Thank You!






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