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   hoseobyoon (2016-11-12 06:31:55 )

For many years I have been a follower and supporter of an organization that sends alerts of the threats posed by groups in the dark underbelly of American society. Those include; neo-Nazi and outright Nazi individuals who hate and would annihilate every Jew, pathetic skinheads whose grip on their "masculinity" is bolstered by beating up gay people, militiamen training in remote hidden camps to take out representatives of the US government, religious zealots who murder doctors performing legal procedures for women, white supremacists too uneducated to acknowledge the fact of our common African heritage, parents who drink the Kool-Aid and deliver up their little daughters to be raped (married????) by their cult leaders, survivalists arming themselves against the hoards of the desperate and hungry they are sure will come ....... and on and on.
So I've known for a long time that there were pockets of these extreme fringe groups of haters here and there throughout our country. Many of them came forward with enthusiastic endorsements of Donald Trump and were not repudiated by his campaign, indeed they were encouraged and the candidate's own words and actions spoke to his low opinion of women, of people of color, of our Armed Forces - from the generals on down, of immigrants, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, poor citizens, of our very own President!!

I am sick with disappointment. Never in my wildest nightmares did I imagine that so many of my fellow American citizens agreed with these scattered groups of crazies, the things they represent and the hateful policies that Donald Trump espouses.
What can happen in four years? What wonderful discoveries will be lost to our country from 'Dreamers' who, instead of moving on to college, will have their parents deported, their families ripped apart? Will an unstable trigger-happy Trump have his finger on the nuclear button? Will it be open season on people walking down the street while Trans or driving while Black? With hard-won safeguards and regulations stripped away in favor of unfettered corporate greed, how many more environmental disasters will threaten vulnerable neighborhoods? How many more for-profit prisons will be filled with young people of color? And for-profit "public" schools siphon off monies and resources from our most needy students and dedicated teachers?  For sure I heard nothing in the Trump campaign about support for education. Will more haters be emboldened to repeat the bombing in recent weeks of a black Church? of Synagogues, Mosques, Temples? Will pipelines in the name of profit be forced through our beautiful protected pinelands or through farmers' ranches and Native American Sacred lands, threatening safe drinking water? In all that four years will no steps be taken to address the reality of global warming? In a land of supposed separation of church and state, will more laws based on an individual religion be imposed upon all citizens of whatever faith? Will Vladimir Putin be a shadow cabinet member? Will there be ever growing numbers of homeless living on our streets as the divide between haves and have not's widens? Will more impediments to voting rights for 'certain' people be put back in place? Will women continue to be discriminated against in their pay scale? Will gay couples who only want to live in peace and love together see their marriage equality stripped away? …...…
This all sounds so pessimistic, but I could not think of one aspect of our American society or International community that will not be affected by this turn of events. My heart is broken with the realization that there are so many American voters that just do not care about any of the above. I thought the majority of Americans were a compassionate people, apparently I am so wrong.

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